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Install and use the Hivelight Outlook Add-In
Install and use the Hivelight Outlook Add-In
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Overview & Demo of Hivelight Outlook Add-In

Take back control of your day with the Hivelight Outlook Add-In

The Hivelight Outlook add-in helps you tame your inbox and run your day to your priorities. Rather than relying on flags, tags, reminders, or 'inbox zero', simply convert your emails into tasks that you can manage in Hivelight.

The Outlook Add-In works for both Outlook in the browser and Outlook on the Desktop (both Classic and 'New' Outlook). The experience for 'new' Outlook and Outlook in the browser is the same.

Installing the Outlook Add-In

Go to the Add-In options (For Browser)

Select an email and click on the 'Apps' icon in the top right corner of the email. Then click on 'Get add-ins'.

Go to Add-in options (For Desktop)

Step 1: Click on the 'Add-Ins' icon in the the Outlook ribbon.

Step 2: Click on 'Get Add-Ins'.

Find the Hivelight Outlook Add-In (For both Desktop and Browser)

Step 1: Start typing 'hivelight' into the search box and select the 'hivelight' app from the dropdown list.

Step 2: Click on 'Add' to add the Hivelight Outlook Add-In to your Outlook.

This will cause it to be available when using your Outlook account, both on the desktop and in the browser.

Using the Hivelight Outlook Add-In

For browser

Select an email and click on the 'Apps' icon in the top right.

For Desktop

Click on the Hivelight button in the Outlook ribbon.

For both Desktop and Browser:

Sign into your Hivelight account.

Select which workspace you want to use.

Start typing the matter that you want to add the email (as a task) to.

Editing the task adding it to Hivelight

By default, the task will be set to be added to the current milestone on the selected matter. You can change this.

The Task Name will default to the email subject. Edit and add to this as needed.

The Task Description will default to the email content (including any links in the email). Edit and add to this as needed.

The Due Date will default to the current date and time. (note that the task due date is limited to be no later than the date for the selected milestone - you can check this by clicking on the link to the matter under 'Matter' near the top of the add-in).

Select an assignee and reviewer for the task.

Click on 'Create Task'.

The task will then be added to the selected matter and milestone in Hivelight.

Click on 'View task' to go straight to the task that you created.

Click on 'Clear' to add another task.

The task will be generated in Hivelight with the content from the email (and/or any other content you have entered).

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