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How to create and edit pre-set teams
How to create and edit pre-set teams
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

Pre-set teams are used in Hivelight in a number of places:

  • When importing matters from your practice management system. You need to have at least one pre-set team to do this. If you have more than one pre-set team you will see a drop down menu in 'import matter' screen to select which team you want to assign to the matter.

  • When creating a matter. You will have the option to manually assign the users to the matter team one by one, or you can use the drop down to apply one of the pre-set teams.

  • When editing the matter team on an active matter.

You will need to have the workspace role of 'Admin' or 'Owner' so that you have access to the workspace settings.

Click on the settings icon (โš™๏ธ) in the left hand menu.

Click on 'Teams'

Here you can edit any of the existing pre-set teams by clicking on them. You can change the people in that team. You can also change the name of the team or delete the team using the option in the top right.

Note that changes made to the team here do not automatically change the team on active matters that might have been set up using that pre-set team.

You can also create a new pre-set team by clicking on 'create team'. Choose a name for the team. Assign users to the matter team roles and then click 'back' when you are done.

The new pre-set team will now be available within that workspace to add to any matter.

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