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How to create and use contacts in Hivelight
How to create and use contacts in Hivelight
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

How to create a contact card

There are two types of contacts in Hivelight:

  1. Individuals; and

  2. Organizations.

To create a contact:

  1. Click on the 'Contacts' icon in the left hand menu (looks like a licence card, just above the 'settings โš™๏ธ' icon).

  2. Click on 'Add contact'

  3. Toggle to select between making an organisation or individual type contact.

  4. Enter details and click 'Save'

How to edit a contact card

You can use the contacts search box to find any contact cards you have made.

Click on any card to open it. You will have the option to enter a lot more additional information than was required just to create the contact card (see the option buttons in the top right hand corner of each box in the contact card).

Change contact card visibility

By default, the contact card will only be visible within the workspace that it was created in.

Open the contact card, see the top right hand corner where it says "This contact is only visible to this workspace members" and click on 'Change' to make it visible across all of your workspaces.

Creating relationships between individual contacts and organization contacts.

You can show relationships between organisation and individual contacts.

Open the contact card. See the box in the top left hand corner which will say either 'Members' or 'Organizations' depending on whether it is an individual or organization type card.

Click on the options button in the corner of that box to select an individual or organisation to associate it with.

Search and select the organization or individual that you want to associate it with and save the change.

You'll see that the association is now listed in the top left hand corner of the contact card. You can click on it to go to the associated individual or organisation.

Add contacts to a matter, group them by party, and list their role in the matter

Open a matter. Go to 'matter contact' in the left side matter menu.

Click on 'create party'. This will create a default party.

Click on the options button in the right hand corner of the party box. Click on 'update party' to change the name and description of the party.

Click on 'Add contact' to add a contact to that party.

Start typing in the 'search contacts' box to find the contact that you want to add. We make you search for the contact first in order to guard against duplicate contact cards being created.

You will see a 'Create contact' button at the bottom. Click here to create a contact if they are not already in Hivelight

Once you have created or selected the contact, you will be asked to select their role in the matter. Choose from the list of roles - start typing to narrow them down to your selection. If the role you want is not there, you can add it.

The contact will now be associated with that matter in that specified role capacity. If you click on that contact to open the contact card you will see that in the top right it lists the matters they are associated with.

Move contact cards between parties on a matter

Tip: this can be useful if you use Hivelight for managing your recruitment process. i.e. you could have parties for each group in the recruitment process and move the contact cards between them.

To move a contact to a different party, go to the desired party and click on 'add contact'. Add the desired contact to that party and save. Notice the contact has now moved out of the previous party and into the selected one.

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