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How to add a roadmap to a matter
How to add a roadmap to a matter
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

Roadmaps save significant data entry, enabling efficient delegation of work and consistency in documenting its progress.

There are a number of points at which you can add a roadmap to a matter.

  1. When creating a matter, the last step will invite you to add one or more roadmaps;

  2. If you did not add a roadmap to the matter when you created it, you can click on the 'add roadmap' box in the centre of the task board;

  3. If you already have milestones on the task board, there will be a '+' icon in the top right hand corner. Click on this and you'll have the option to add a roadmap or a milestone to the matter.

In the 'Select roadmaps to add to this matter' dialogue box you can find the roadmaps you want by searching, or filtering by jurisdiction or matter type.

You can click on 'View roadmap' link for any roadmap to preview the milestones and tasks that it will load to your matter if you use it.

Click on 'Add to matter' for the roadmap that you want to use.

You will be invited to select a roadmap start date. This is the date that the stage of the work that the roadmap relates to will kick off. Hivelight uses this date to calculate the due dates for the tasks and milestones that will be added from the roadmap to the matter (these can be edited at any time).

Important: If you are adding a roadmap to a matter that already has milestones and tasks on it, make a note of the due date of the milestone that you want the roadmap to start after. Then make sure to make the roadmap start date a date that is later than that milestone.

If you are loading multiple roadmaps to a matter at the same time, you will be invited to select whether you want each additional roadmap to fall before or after the other roadmaps. Hivelight will help you line them up in sequence.

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