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Invite users to the workspace
Invite users to the workspace
Written by Ash Kelso
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Navigating to the workspace settings

You will need Admin or Owner 'workspace role' (permission level) to invite other users to the workspace.

Invites are on a per workspace basis. You can have more than one workspace in Hivelight. Each workspace contains matters and is private to the people who are invited to that workspace.

Click on the settings (โš™๏ธ) icon in the left hand menu.

Click on 'Users'.

Click on 'Invite users'

Enter the full name and email of the person you want to invite.

Choose the workspace role they should have:

  • Guests can only see the matters that you add them to (i.e. they can only see a matter if they are part of the matter team). Usually this is for external users.

  • Members can see all the matters in the workspace, but don't have access to the settings. Usually this is for most non-management level employees.

  • Admins can do most things in a workspace including having access to the workspace settings. Usually for management or supervisors who you trust to have access to settings.

  • Owners are the highest permission level in the workspace. They have the authority to make people admins or owners. Usually for the senior members of the law practice, such as partners.

Choose the matter role they should have. This is about the type of team member they are and their level of seniority. It is important to set this properly as Hivelight will use this to understand what type of tasks to assign to people (e.g. if you load a roadmap to a matter, or if it needs to reassign tasks after you remove a user from a matter).

Then click 'Invite'.

The user will get an email with a click to click on to accept the invite and have access to the workspace.

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