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Hivelight Overview (Account Setup)
Hivelight Overview (Account Setup)
Written by Ash Kelso
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Hivelight overview

From two people to the top tier, the growth of any law practice will come down to solving the operational bottlenecks in how the work is performed.

The bottlenecks are the ability to delegate a large amount of work, have it done right and done on time, and with an optimal margin between the price of the work and the cost to complete it (which generally comes back to having right people in right seats, effective team work, and optimising the percentage of each week that is available for billable work).

This is what Hivelight is built to solve. We call it a legal project management platform because we leverage project management and systems engineering methods to deliver operational efficiencies in legal practice.

Key Components of Hivelight

As helpful reference point, the aim of Hivelight is to save you a lot of time on the operational bottlenecks described above.

Where are things up to, what needs to be done, when does it need to be done by, and slashing the time you need to spend on reporting and meetings so that you can maximise the time you spend on the things that drive the business forward - working on the business and completing billable work.

Hivelight is where you see and coordinate on what needs to be done, and your practice management system is where you execute on that work.


This shows the tasks that are coming up that are assigned to you, and the upcoming milestones (due dates for key deadlines and deliverable) for the matters that you are involved in (i.e. if you are part of the team assigned to a matter, you will see the milestones for that matter on your dashboard as the deadline approaches).

Matter List

This provides you with a live summary of where all the matters in your practice are up to. This is color-coded and sorted by urgency. The matters with the most pressing deadlines are listed at the top so that you don't have to go looking for what needs your most immediate attention.


Click on any matter to see and coordinate on the work of that matter. The task board will show you instantly what milestone you are up to. Each milestone has a simple kanban board showing you the status of the tasks for each milestone. Within each task you can see the instructions for how to complete it, leave notes, and edit other details.


You can leave notes on tasks and on matters. You can also tag other team members using the '@' symbol just as you would do on social media apps. This will notify them in the app (see notification bell at the top right).


Each matter has a team assigned to it. Each team member has a role according to the type of work they do and their level of seniority and responsibility. This allows Hivelight to automatically assign tasks to the correct people when you load a roadmap (a template set of tasks and milestones) to a matter. It also allows Hivelight to reassign tasks to the next most appropriate person in the team if a user is removed from that team.

Task Lists

There are task lists at the matter and workspace level. Here you can see everyone's workloads, move work around, and even group tasks using task tags.


These are template sets of milestones and tasks. Like workflow and process manual / playbook combined. Just as you use template documents to encourage consistency and avoid repetition when performing work, roadmaps encourage consistency and avoid significant repetition when assigning and documenting the work.

Support resources

Use the messaging bubble to the bottom right to message us for help. Use the 'Support pages' link at the bottom of the page to go to our support articles.

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