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How to revoke a user from a workspace
How to revoke a user from a workspace
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

To revoke a user from a workspace you will need to have either the Admin or Owner workspace role permission level in that workspace. You will need this so that you have access to the workspace settings.

As a reminder, your organization can have more than one workspace, and a user can be a member of more than one of those workspaces. If you want to revoke a user's access from all workspaces, you will need to open each workspace and revoke their access.

Click on the workspace settings icon in the left hand menu (โš™๏ธ).

Note: If you don't have Admin or Owner level 'workspace role' (i.e. your permission level in that workspace) in that workspace you won't have access to the settings for that workspace.

Click on 'Users'.

Click on the user that you want to revoke.

Scroll down to the 'Danger Zone' and click on the red 'revoke' button.

Hivelight will ask you to confirm by clicking on 'revoke' again.

The user will now be revoked from this workspace. Any incomplete tasks assigned to them will be reassigned to the next most appropriate person in each matter team according to the roles of the users in those teams.

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