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How to sync your practice management system to an additional workspace
How to sync your practice management system to an additional workspace
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

Your Hivelight organisation can have more than one workspace. Each workspace can be synced with your practice management system (or not).

Typically you will have synced your practice management system with your first workspace when your Hivelight account was first created. But you can add additional workspaces at any time (providing you have the organisation owner permission level) and sync your practice management system with these workspaces too.

Click on settings in the lefthand menu (โš™๏ธ).

Click on 'Integrations'.

If you have an active integration for this workspace it will list only one practice management system. Click on button that has the name of your practice management system.

This will show you the status of the data sync and import from your practice management system (i.e. how many contacts, users and matters have been imported from your practice management system).

You can click on the 'import matters' button to import additional matters. This button is also available at the top of the matter list.

If you don't have a practice management system synced with the workspace yet, just go to Settings > Integrations and then select the practice management system that you use. Enter your details and approve the access.

Hivelight will now start to ingest the data from your practice management system. If you have a lot of matters or contacts this might take some time. Occasionally the API of the practice management system can have an issue and the sync might stall. If you suspect this just contact us ( or message us (messaging bubble to the bottom right of the screen in Hivelight) and we'll sort it out for you.

Once this process is done you can click on Invite users to invite some users to the workspace, create at least one pre-set team (required in order to be able to import matters), and then go and click on 'import matters' to start importing matters from your practice management system to the workspace.

  • Choose the team to assign to the matter (only required if you have more than one pre-set team in the workspace).

  • Choose a roadmap to apply (optional).

  • If you chose a roadmap, chose the last completed stage in that matter (so that Hivelight can save you time marking up the progress of your matters).

  • Click on 'Import' to sync the matter with the Hivelight workspace

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