How to create a matter
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Tip: You can use matters to manage any kinds of work in Hivelight, not just client work.


To create a matter follow these steps:

  1. Click on '+Create matter' in the Matter list

  2. Enter the matter details

  3. Choose the matter team

  4. (optional) Select one or more roadmaps to populate the matter with milestones and tasks


Click on the Matter List icon (๐Ÿ’ผ) in the left hand menu.

Click on '+ Create matter' in the top left of the screen.

Enter matter details

Enter a matter name.

You have the option to:

  • Enter a matter note (aka file note)

  • Change the matter owner (by default it will be set to the person creating the matter)

  • Select a matter lead

  • Select one or more matter types

  • Select one or more jurisdictions

Click next.

Choose the matter team

Choose the team that will be working on the matter. You have the option to:

  1. Choose each team member one by one; or

  2. Use the drop down at the top to select one of your pre-set matter teams.

Click next.

Load a roadmap (optional)

You now have the option to select one or more roadmaps (which can be chained together in sequence) to populate the matter with milestones and tasks for completing a certain type of matter or piece of work. Click 'cancel' if you do not with to use a roadmap at this time.

You'll be taken to the task board for your new matter. This will present you with the option to either load a roadmap (a template set of milestones and tasks) or add a milestone. You'll need to do one of these two things in order to start adding tasks to the matter (as tasks are added to milestones to group them under the deadlines or deliverables they relate to).

Once you have added a milestone or roadmap to the matter, you can still add additional milestones or roadmaps using the '+' icon in the top right corner of the task board.

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