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Automatic Task Reassignment (Matter Roles & Matter Team Roles)
Automatic Task Reassignment (Matter Roles & Matter Team Roles)
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

In Hivelight, the Matter Roles, and Matter Team Roles, drive signifying efficiency and safety net functionality.

When creating roadmaps, you can allocate which type of team member should be automatically allocated as the assignee or reviewer for a task. When you load that roadmap to a matter, Hivelight will read look at the Matter Roles and Matter Team positions that people in that team have, and automatically assign the tasks to them on that basis.

If you do not have people in a Matter Team with the Matter Roles or Matter Team Roles, specified in the roadmap, Hivelight will automatically reassign the tasks up the chain according to the flow diagram below.

The automatic reassignment of tasks will also occur if a person is removed from a matter. This provides a safety net so that tasks do not get dropped.

Finally, if you forget to allocate an assignee for a task, Hivelight will treat is as assigned to the Matter Lead, and if there is no Matter Lead then the Matter Owner. The idea again is to ensure that tasks do not get dropped and that they go to the person best placed to reassign them to the most appropriate team members.

A further benefit is that when designing your roadmaps, you can take the optimal approach of assigning tasks to the lowest ranking team members that can competently complete them. And if someone of that rank is not in the matter team when the roadmap is used, the affected tasks will just go up the chain to the next most appropriate person (e.g. if you don't have a Junior Admin Assistant in the team, it will go to the Senior Admin Assistant).


  • A person's position in the Matter Team overrides their general matter role. This means that you can place a paralegal into the Matter Lead position and tasks will be assigned to them as the Matter Lead.

  • A person with the Matter Role of Principal is not available to be added to the Legal Roles section in a matter team. They can be added to the positions of Matter Owner, Matter Lead, Business Administration, Advocate, or Consultant.

  • To avoid dilution of responsibility, there can only be one Matter Lead and one Matter Owner per matter (they can be the same person though). You can, however, add as many people as you like to the other positions on the matter team.

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