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How to use matter notes
How to use matter notes
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

Use matter notes to document events on the matter and tag people to notify them (this can save a lot of emails).

Open a matter and click on 'matter notes' in the left hand matter menu.

Scroll the matter notes to get a chronological history of the events on the matter.

Notice that there is a 'add mater note' button in the banner of the matter for quick access, and there is one up the top of the matter note view in the matter.

Click on 'add matter note'.

Enter the '@' symbol to bring up the option to tag a team member to notify them of the matter note.

You have a range of options with matters notes:

  • Plain text - which you can highlight and make bold, italic, or embed a link to a document, folder, website or webapp.

  • Headings

  • Lists - both numbered and bullet points

  • Checklists

type '/' to get most of those formatting options or click on a place in the matter note and then click on the '+' symbol that appears to the left. Click on the dotted vertical stripe to the right of the '+' symbol to get options for moving the current block up or down or to delete it.

Once you are done, click on 'save'.

You can click on the options button (top right) for any matter note that you have written to edit or delete it.

Note that each matter note at the bottom will show who wrote it and when.

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