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How to use matter tags
How to use matter tags
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

Matter tags allow you to add custom properties to your matters and filter your matters (in the matter list) by those properties.

Each tag has a label and can also have an optional value as well - i.e. [tag label] : [tag value (optional)].

How to add a matter tag to a matter

Open a matter.

Click on 'Summary' in the left hand matter options.

Scroll to the bottom where you'll see the 'Tags' box.

Here you'll see any tags that have been added to the matter.

You can add a tag by clicking in the 'Add a tag' field. You'll see a drop down list of recently used tags that you can choose from, or you can keep typing and have the option to 'create' a new tag.

After adding the tag you'll have the option to add a value to the tag. Note that afterwards, you can edit this value by clicking on the tag.

Using matter tags to filter the matter list

You'll notice when you hover over any matter in the matter list, it may expand to show the tags on that matter.

At the top of the matter list you'll find the option to filter by these tags.

Click on 'Tags'. You'll be shown a list of recently used matter tags. You can start typing to search the list. Select the tag you want to filter by.

You'll get to select from the following options:

  • "Exists" (show any matters that have this tag label)

  • "Equals" (show any matters that have this tag label that have the following exact tag value)

  • "Starts with" (show any matters with this tag label that also have a tag value that starts with the following)

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