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How to import a matter to Hivelight from your practice management system (and review it)
How to import a matter to Hivelight from your practice management system (and review it)
Written by Ash Kelso
Updated over a week ago

Check that you are ready to start importing matters

Check that you have a practice management system synced to the Hivelight workspace.

If you have done this there will be a 'matters imported' progress bar at the top of the Matter List with an 'Import matters' button.

If you go to 'settings' (โš™๏ธ) via the left hand menu, and click on 'integrations' you'll see one practice management system listed (the one you have connected to the workspace). Clicking on that will show you whether the data sync has completed yet so that you can start importing matters.

You will also need to have at least one pre-set team setup in 'settings'>'teams'. (here's how to create and edit pre-set teams).

Start importing your matters

Go to the Matter List (๐Ÿ’ผ) by clicking on the Matters icon in the left hand menu.

At the top of the matter list click on the 'import matters' button.

Scroll the list, or search to find the matters you want to import.

You can search by:

  • Matter ID

  • Matter Name

  • Matter Description

  • Matter Type

Choose which team you want working on the matter (If you have more than one pre-set team, there will be a drop down list for you to choose which team you want working on the matter).

Optional: Choose a roadmap to apply to the matter. Then use the drop down on the right to select the last completed milestone in that matter (this allows Hivelight to mark the matter as complete up to that point which saves you clicks latter).

Click 'import'.

Depending on the amount of traffic hitting the API of your chosen practice management system it may need a moment to import the matter.

Close the 'import matters' dialogue box and refresh the page (i.e. Ctrl + R).

You can then find your matter by scrolling the matter list or by searching for it in the search bar.

If you decide that you don't like the roadmap that you chose earlier, you can delete it:

  • Click on the first milestone.

  • Click on the milestone options bar (under the progress bar)

  • Click on the ellipsis in the top right and select 'delete milestone'

  • Check the box for "delete all subsequent..." and click ok.

This will wipe the task board clean and you can now add a different roadmap or start adding ad hoc milestones and tasks as needed.

You can click on 'Summary' on the left and post a new status update for the matter to indicate that it has been reviewed after being imported.

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